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With a Little Help: A Heart-Warming Love Story Inspired by My Dating Advice

I wanted to share this lovely message with everyone who follows me.

As most of you know, the reason you follow me or are part of my community is that you're navigating the unique challenges of finding companionship mid-life/later-in-life.

My goal has always been (and will always be) to provide practical advice to help you make the most of this new chapter, which can be really daunting for us... to say the least!

Today, I received a message from Samuel, who was single for many years and struggled to get past the first date.

"Hi Jacqui, Thanks for your support and advice over the past year or so. Because of your hard-hitting and realistic advice, I'm now in a relationship with a lovely lady I met on I had dated so badly for quite some time and had literally given up meeting anyone, but I needed to look outside the box!... thank you, and maybe it's time to remove me from your membership list. Cheers, Samuel."

Samuel's story is a testament to why so many singles in mid-life and later in life are alone when they could be content together at this stage in life, sharing experiences and not feeling so lonely.

At this stage in life, we have dealt with life's traumas, family, work, everything, but now it's time to do the most amazing things or the simplest of things with someone we can love and be at one with. Life is short; let's not allow obstacles to hinder us!

Are you ready to embark on your journey towards meaningful companionship? Take action now by connecting with me.

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Have a lovely Sunday evening.


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