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Select Connections is proud to be an all-inclusive dating service.

Coming out mid-life/later in life - when someone accepts and discloses their sexual or gender identity as something other than straight/cisgender (gender when born)

The reason for deciding to become an inclusive introductions agency comes from so many people contacting me to ask if I could recommend anyone who would take on members who belong to the mid/later in-life LGBTQ+ community or others who have literally just come out and need support on this sometimes isolated and lonely personal journey.

Closeup of older person smiling
Senior Gay Couple

Many have gone through years of internal turmoil, living a lie and following the path of what was expected of them from youth and for decades. They are now setting themselves free and living an open and honest life for the first time ever, but many also live with the regret and pain of not being able to claw back all the lost years of living a lie.

One thing they all have in common – is desperation to make up for lost time and a need for us to help them navigate this new, exciting, often scary modern world of dating as a gay person.

At Select Connections, we treat all of our mid/later-in-life single members with the same inclusive approach, irrespective of their sexual preference. We travel with each and every one of them on their unique journey to finding a new partner, talking, supporting, coaching and holding their hand through the process – because irrespective of who or what we are, everyone deserves to be loved.

We also offer support, advice, guidance, and signposting for those coming out later in life.

Holding Hands
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