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"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"

 Select Elite

 This package combines the essence of personalised matchmaking with the autonomy to navigate your journey with confidence.

Tailored Matchmaking Experience:

  • Thorough Vetting Process: Every client benefits from a comprehensive interview, alongside verification and identity checks, ensuring the support of trust and confidentiality.

  • Expert Matchmaking Team: Our dedicated team collaborate to understand your individual preferences and desires, designing a journey that resonates with your unique search for love.

  • Professional Profile Creation: We work with you to choose your personal photos that truly capture your essense and then we craft a dating profile that is designed to attract compatible individuals.

  • Personal Consultation: A face-to-face meeting reinforces our commitment to you, paving the way for a partnership built on understanding and mutual goals.

Empowering Resources & Support:

  • Specialist Coaching: Gain insights from our Internationally Accredited Coach through sessions that aim to enhance your dating techniques.

  • Exclusive Online Courses: Choose three from our suite of online courses, each crafted to enrich your dating experience.

  • Guaranteed Introductions: Look forward to six handpicked introductions, promising meaningful connections with individuals who share your aspirations and values.

Membership Flexibility:

  • Extended Membership: Enjoy a 12-month membership, with the option to pause for up to 3 months, ensuring that your journey to companionship moves at your pace.


 Club Select

At Select Connections we understand that our premium matchmaking packages may not be within everyone's reach.

 I'm delighted to introduce Club Select – a novel solution that bridges the gap between online dating and personalised matchmaking services.

We have partnered with Lorraine Adams who has been in the dating sector for 24 years. She first pioneered the speed dating concept and completely disrupted the industry in 2000. Since then, she has brought hundreds of couples together with her services.

The price for Club Select is £550 for 6 months offering a unique alternative to standard dating apps, where you might feel lost in the digital shuffle. While it doesn't provide the one-to-one element of our premium memberships, it does offer substantial support.

Every member is thoroughly vetted, ensuring authentic and meaningful connections.

A standout feature of Club Select is their dedication to presenting the best version of you. Their experts skilfully create your profile, accentuating your distinct qualities to attract your ideal partners.

  • Each month, you'll receive 2-3 handpicked profiles, that could potentially be a good fit.

  • Though the matches are not as targeted as our matchmaking service, matchmakers will always select people that tick some of your boxes.

  • When there's a mutual spark, Club Select personally facilitates the mutual introduction between you and your chosen date.

If you're on the lookout for meaningful companionship but are not prepared for the commitment of high-end matchmaking, Club Select might be your ideal choice.

Embrace this innovative pathway to finding love and companionship during the best years of your life.



 Select Bespoke

We are proud to introduce Select Bespoke, our most exclusive service, carefully drawn-up for discerning clients who value a deeper and more personal touch in their search for companionship.


Led by Jacqui Baker, our founder, matchmaker, and the UK's premier Dating Mentor for Mature Singles, Select Bespoke offers an unique, one-to-one mentoring experience designed to navigate the complexities of mature dating with poise, confidence, and success.

Bespoke Matchmaking Experience:

  • Personalised Consultation: Your journey begins with a comprehensive, face-to-face consultation with Jacqui Baker. Spanning up to two hours, this session delves into heart of your being and your desires for a partnership, marking the start of a pivotal chapter in your life.

  • Rest assured: verification and identity checks are conducted to maintain the highest level of trust and confidentiality.

  • Professional Photo Shoot: Capturing your true nature, Amanda, our exclusive photographer, will select a location that mirrors your unique style and personality. Our aim is to ensure you are portrayed in a relaxed, confident, and genuine manner, reflecting the best version of yourself.

  • Professional Profile Creation: With a keen eye for detail, Jacqui collaborates with you to select photos that truly capture your true-self and personality. She then draws up a compelling dating profile, designed to attract individuals who align with your values and aspirations.

  • Expert One-To-One Headhunting: As your personal headhunter, Jacqui embarks on a mission to find individuals who meet your specific desires, utilising her deep understanding of your values and goals to guide her search.

Empowering Resources & Support:

  • Specialist Coaching: Melinda, our dedicated coach, offers tailored guidance throughout your membership, ensuring you remain focused and empowered to overcome any obstacles on your path to finding a compatible partner.

  • Exclusive Online Courses: Select from six bespoke online courses, each developed to enhance your dating journey, equipping you with the knowledge and skills for successful connections.

  • Guaranteed Introductions: Enjoy ten meticulously selected introductions, offering you the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with individuals who share your aspirations and values.

Membership Flexibility:

  • Extended Membership: Benefit from an 18-month membership, with the flexibility to pause for up to 6 months


We understand the importance of moving at your own pace, and our service is designed to accommodate your journey to companionship with ease and grace.

Select Bespoke is not merely a premier package; it is an intensive, one-to-one mentorship experience, offering a distinctive and transformative service for those ready to redefine their journey to love.

Pricing starts from £6,000, reflecting the value and exclusivity of this comprehensive service.

It is a strict requirement of Select Connections that all our clients are single and looking for a long-term monogamous relationship.

* An introduction is a match agreed by both parties.

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