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What to do when you find yourself single again in your 50s or 60s

Have you found yourself 'suddenly single' and over 50? This could be due to a partner's untimely death or divorce, leaving you on a wild roller coaster of emotions and wondering how on earth you are going to get over this loss and get your life back on track - then you are not alone:

The average age for divorce is 46.4 for men and 43.9 for women. Similarly, those aged 45 to 49 years old has the most divorces.

Number of divorces by age in 2019 - Aged 45 to 49

Men – 11,169 women 10,946

In my role within Select Events & Select Connections, I talk to many people on a daily basis who are dealing with confidence and loneliness issues after becoming single midway through their lives. I can relate to this, as I was and am one of them, having become single at 53.

In the next few weeks and months, myself and my team of experts will be addressing the issues that many people are coming up against when finding themselves single in their 50's, 60's or even 70's. How they can turn the situation around, find a better life than they expected, and make it happen!

Through live webinars, facebook live events, Q&A sessions, and more, we will look at some of the issues below that face both men and women;

Dealing with the emotional impact (anger, fear, resentment, confusion, loneliness, guilt)

Recovery and getting over the situation; we will provide tools, tips, advice, and available services to help with this process.

Transformation; Advice and guidance on how to make good choices that will firstly help transform how you feel about yourself by removing any negative self-judgments which create confidence issues.

Starting over again; Getting ready, physically and mentally to meet your new companion

If some of the above has affected you and you are keen to get a certain subject or issue addressed then please email us at the address below.

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