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What a Beautiful, Emotional, Heartwarming & Proud Day!!🥰

Pauline & Andy's Wedding Day.💖💗💓💞💘💝❣️

Yesterday I had the most incredible honour of my whole working life (literally 40 years) in being present at the wedding of a couple I had introduced to each other just over two years ago.

When I set out for the wedding day, I felt excited at what I was about to witness, but nothing prepared me for how emotional and proud I would feel when I saw the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

This was only the beginning. Pauline has kindly given me permission to write this. Neither bride nor groom had ever been married and had never really found their soul mate. When Pauline came to me; she was sure she would never find her 'happy ever after'. After her first date, we regrouped and looked at how that went, but as in many cases, it was not a success. Still, we reviewed the pluses and minuses - and in the meantime I met with my collaborators, (we work as a large nationwide group of high-end matchmaking companies who have all signed NDAs) and Lucy, who owns 'A Thing Called Love' in Guildford, who mainly deal with the younger demographic said she had a guy in his 50s and we liked how they aligned. We agreed to ask each of our clients if they were happy for their details to be shared, and they both said 'yes'.......the rest is history.

To see Andy and Pauline yesterday gave me so much joy and happiness, especially their warm connection to each other. Their families and friends were so emotional and happy to see these two gorgeous, kind and lovely people getting married.

In fact, I cannot actually put into words how I felt when I witnessed their wedding ceremony.

I was absolutely blown away when they both stood up and thanked us both and said that none of this would have been possible without us. They asked me to stand up, and everyone in the marquee clapped and cheered - kudos for a job well done🥰😊#love.

Finding love later in life can bring a unique sense of fulfilment and joy. When two older individuals who may have thought they would never find love meet and decide to get married, it can be a truly special and meaningful occasion, but for others who have already been married and now just want to find their companion/friend/lover/soulmate then this is also very possible, with the right approach.

Marriage or a relationship, at any age, can bring companionship, support, and a deep sense of emotional connection. It offers an opportunity for growth, shared experiences, and creating new memories together. For singles mid-life & later-in-life, the joy and contentment of finding a partner to navigate life's challenges is the cherry on the cake of life!

My wish for Pauline & Andy - May their marriage be filled with love, laughter, and years of joy as they embark on this beautiful journey together!

Thank you so very much for making my job soooooooooo worth while 😊xx

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