We made this happen 😊💒💖

Today this lovely invitation came in the post. I was so happy 😁 I contacted Pauline to say that we would definately be coming along.

We made this happen for a couple who thought they were destined to be on their own. Online dating had been a disaster for them both. Pauline replied to me and her words were as follows.... "We wouldn’t have this amazing happy future if we hadn’t taken that leap of faith and it’s way more than I ever hoped to find"!

It shows that their is no age limit for love and romance. None of us are time rich with the time we have left to find someone and experience the happiness that Pauline and Andy are now experiencing.

Love or contentment with a partner will not come and find you, you need to go and find it, whether its joining a society/group, volunteering, signing up to a reputable online dating site or enlisting the help of a specialist introductions agency. A study from the University of Bath shows that the odds of finding love after 50 are 1 in 562 - but only if you leave meeting a propestive partner/love of your life to fate.

Time to go hat hunting 🥳

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