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Treasure Hunt at the V&A Museum

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

What an absolute BLAST!!

The weather was terrific, London was buzzing, and all 22 participants either met me at Le Pain Quotidien for a cuppa and pastry before meeting the others at the entrance to the V&A.

Teams were pre-selected by myself, and Hernan quickly set about briefing the captains on how to plan a strategy with each of their teams in order to get maximum points. This involved finding artefacts and information that had to be provided and specific challenges accomplished to pull this off.

Each captain called on their team's strengths, allocating roles of the scribe, map reader, selfie taker, and artefact hunter to each member.

Off they went for 2 hours of hunting, often crossing the paths of their rival teams, keeping their clipboards shaded from prying eyes 😶‍🌫️.......this was 'all out and full on' competitiveness!

Once the two hours were up, the hard found and attained evidence was handed over to Hernan.

All the 'hunters' retired to the V&A Cafe for well-deserved refreshments and waited for Hernan to complete his review and add the points. Everyone remained in their teams (the lines were drawn), and as I moved around the restaurant chatting, I was delighted to see the comradeship between people who did not know each other just under 3 hours earlier! They were united in their quest to win the challenge.

Hernan arrived and congratulated everyone on their efforts, but they wanted the results! He pressed on swiftly.

The winning teams were smugly triumphant, and the losers thoroughly vanquished! The banter between the groups was hilarious, and when the medals were awarded it was time for some exhausted participants to depart for home and some to the closest pub!

EVERY SINGLE PERSON in attendance commented on how much they thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, how mentally/physically exhausted they were and how easy it was to slot in and meet new, exciting and fun singles over 50.

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