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This is for all you single guys over 50.. Elevate Your Style with Sartoria Lab

Updated: Oct 6, 2023


My colleague, Sarah Gilfillan from Sartoria Lab, a personal stylist for men, is conducting market research and is looking to speak with five guys who fit the following criteria:

  • You are not completely clueless about clothing but want to enhance your look to reflect more of your personality.

  • You have some excellent clothing pieces in your wardrobe but struggle with putting together stylish outfits.

  • You're uncertain about how to achieve a smart casual look without appearing too old-fashioned or too youthful.

Additionally, if you're a single man over 50 who is navigating the world of dating and looking to up your style game for those special occasions, Sarah would especially like to hear from you.

Many men in this age group often find it challenging to strike the right balance between looking stylish and age-appropriate. Sarah understands the unique challenges you might face when it comes to style and dating, and she's developing a new programme to help.

If you believe you fit the description and can spare 20-30 minutes to assist her, please send me a direct message, and I'll connect you with her.

As a token of appreciation, Sarah is willing to answer any style-related questions you may have, including how to dress confidently for dating without feeling like you're trying too hard or looking out of touch.

Thank you for your assistance!

Jacqui B


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