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Its Never Too Late To Fall Completely.. Or Delicately In Love 💖

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I first posted this blog in the beginning of August 2022, and now nearly 4 months on I have been invited to join Alison and Ron for dinner in Guildford on Saturday evening. We have been trying to schedule this dinner for a few months now, but they are so busy going away together, meeting friends and doing what couples do.

I am really looking forward to meeting them together (as I have only met them when they were singles) now that they are a proper couple, doing everyday things together. Things that they both missed with being single for some time, and having dinner with friends as a couple is one of them.

Here is my post from August:

Reading Alison's testimonial this morning when it popped into my email inbox made me feel very emotional in the happiest way possible. Like in every job, there are good days, and there are bad days - today, I am honoured to have made this happen 😊🥰

After reading Jacqui's blogs and articles on the Select Connections website and listening to Jacqui's radio interviews, I decided to contact Jacqui for a chat.

I liked the fact that Select Connections was 'a highly confidential matchmaking service.' Although I hadn't tried online dating, I didn't feel it was for me.

I am so pleased that I made that call. Jacqui was so easy to talk to, with a warm and friendly personality. A further meeting resulted in Jacqui getting to know me and my values and preferences so that a profile could be formulated.

So, I have now been dating a wonderful man for nearly four months. It has been a fantastic summer of fun and happiness. He is thoughtful, kind, funny, interesting and more. He has enriched my life and is very special.

Thank you, Jacqui.

Alison is a 57-year-old lady who had been single for some time. She put a lot of thought and due diligence into choosing Select Connections for this very personal and confidential situation in her life, and now her life has changed for the better.

Thank you, Alison, for taking the time to let us know how well things are going for you and how enriched your life has become.

All that is left for us here at Select Connections is to wish you many more summers, winters, springs and autumns of fun and happiness with Ron.

Jacqui B ❤️

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