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Spring looks as if has truly sprung!....

“What a lovely time to get out, and about. It is time to shake off the winter and covid blues, find a partner to accompany you on some interesting and fun activities”.

I was so taken with something a new client said to me yesterday that I decided to talk about it in this week’s blog. I have changed her name for the purposes of confidentiality.

Karen said she has been so fed up with the recent weather, the news, global issues and covid that she firmly feels now is the time for her to set herself some goals, try some new challenges and step outside her comfort zone (taking up a Select Connections Membership to find a partner at 63 years old). Karen explained to me that by setting herself this pragmatic goal, she feels extremely positive and hopeful about finding a companion to continue on this chapter of life with.

As I listened to Karen talking about how positive she is and how important it is for her to get out of the rut she had fallen into this past two years, I got a lovely buzz from her and immediately felt quite infused with positivity. I also had the shock of realising how much I had become like Karen without owning up to it. Constantly working at matchmaking or running singles events, day after day following the same routine and not making the effort to get out and about socialising and visiting friends – generally languishing in my own little world.

If any of you are feeling like this resonates with you then its time to check in with yourself and think about how you have been feeling lately if you find that you are also in a rut then make a change, but it doesn’t have to be a massive change. Think about things that used to excite you or something you would like to pursue like a hobby or joining a new group. Start small with some moderately challenging and stimulating activities along the line of a hobby you gave up.

Please email me at info@select-connections or sign up via our contact page at to be able to access step by step guides on how to get out of a rut.

Have a lovely Sunday and enjoy this amazing weather.

Take good care.


I took this picture this morning out on my early morning dog walk......

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