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Romance Fraud

Unfortunately, this is on the rise and scammers are prevalent online - no matter what platform you are using or how much dating sites tell you they have it covered and you should feel safe!

Only this week I had someone try to infiltrate one of my singles groups🤬

Luckily, our groups are all private and anyone who wants to join from any part of the UK has to apply. Instantly, our membership administrator noticed something strange and flagged it up to me. I asked the gentleman (via email) to tell me a bit about himself and why he wanted to join the group.

This is what I got in reply:

Well I would like to tell you all about my interests and all .

Interests: I tend to have a variety of interests such as the following; I enjoy the outdoors, cooking, swimming, walking on the beach, holding hands together, I also enjoy a nice sunset and anything with outdoors involvement and i enjoy playing like a kid when am with my partner, i love good movies, all types of music, reading, sports, different types of foods and I am open to trying new things. The bottom line is I am active and have a tremendous amount of energy to expend.

Passions: I'm passionate about being a good man, my career, developing relationships (in general) and I really look forward to having a partner with the same qualities. I tend to be passionate about all things that are attached to the heart, my heart. Generally, this is my love and passion for humanity and for those that will come into my love life.

Likes: I like many things as I'm an open minded and flexible person. I like everything providing that there is no dislike of mine infringing on the likes. Some of my favorite food (restaurants) consist of Chinese, Mexican, Italian with Jamaican sauce and rice being my favorite. I love red licorices and my favorite flower is Rose! I do enjoy travelling and thanks to my job. I'd like to see castles close up some day and stay in a beautiful hotel close to the sea. I'm thinking about a holiday over in the Caribbean. Not sure where I'd like to go for now.

Dislikes: I don't really like much dislike, but things I dislike seem to be based on values and character cos there are certain things that am not interested in, these are the things that I clearly dislike or choose not to tolerate are; disrespect, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, lying, cheating, being judgmental, hurtful acts, injustice, selfishness, inconsiderate, not taking responsibility, self-contentedness and anything else that can cause hurt or cause damage to someone's feeling and emotion cos i like treating people the same way i want to be treated.

Relationships: Give 100%, if this can not be given, then you're not that true friend, lover or husband/wife. Be true to yourself and your loved ones. Honesty, communication and understanding along with patience will make the difference. This is just my opinion, mind you, sharing is more than finance, material assets, more importantly, it is the sharing of yourself, time, and love. Giving always more to the other, and they will give back. It is a forever revolving door of giving...

Once I read this I knew my initial reservations were confirmed (this is typical dating fraud text). I downloaded the image he provided to join the group and uploaded it onto Google Images, searched and up came many images of a guy called Peter!! The scammer had stolen this guy's images and was pretending to be Maxwell Hoffman R. I messaged Peter to let him know the situation and he was extremely grateful (& shocked) to find out that this was happening.

Staying safe online, whether you are dating or just going about your daily banking business gets more difficult as the scammers get more efficient at what they do.

I have been asked by Paul at Mental Theft to join a panel of speakers MentalTheft day on 19th April. The event is online and free to attend.

I will cover the ongoing issue of Romance Fraud & the many guises it can present itself online.

At least £92 million was lost to romance fraud between the 12 months from November 2020 and October 2021 (according to Action Fraud)!

Jumping into the world of online dating can be nerve-racking regardless of what age you are.

I am passionate about providing anyone who needs help navigating the pitfalls of online dating, allowing them to enjoy the experience in the safest way possible.

I look forward to giving lots of helpful tips and advice for anyone thinking about online dating to protect themselves from being scammed and avoiding financial loss, as well as the shame and humiliation of being hoodwinked.

Fraud is everywhere we turn these days, and it is tough to spot genuine and fake. Whether you are a business trying to keep your data safe or an individual wondering what phone call, email, or text message is real - pop on to this event, and you will get your 'eyes opened'.....

Jacqui Baker

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