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Picnic in Hyde Park for singles in their 50s, 60s & 70s

We held this event last Saturday (13th August) in Hyde Park. It was a big success.🧺😁

Forty-Five singles in their 50s, 60s & 70s turned up between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm with their blankets, picnics and fun attitude😎😊

There was a great mix of males and females in attendance and a big cheer to the guys for turning out in force.

It was hot, but we had a marvellous shaded area for the afternoon, which was very close to the bandstand. Four groups were formed underneath three trees, and as the groups got acquainted, I gave them the task of naming their teams whilst having their food and drinks.

We then had a fun trivia quiz where I asked six questions for six categories, and the teams were fabulous and funny working together to come up with the answers - before they knew it, they were all chatting and getting along. At one point (or more), I had to shout the questions because everyone was laughing and generally having a good time. At 3:30 pm, we awarded the winning team with their very proud medallions, and at that point, everyone started to mingle with the other groups, and I had the chance to chat with most of the picnickers. What a brilliant bunch of people, some were there to meet new friends, some for a day out with like-minded people and some to find a partner.

After this point, some picnickers started to disperse, and I was delighted when they all made an effort to come up to me, thank me for a beautiful afternoon and encourage me to run more events very soon.

This was a test event to see the demand and uptake within the mid/later-in-life singles in London and surrounding areas (we had people from Southampton, Brighton, Winchester, Guildford, Chichester, Hertfordshire and of course, London and Greater London all in attendance.

Hyde Park was perfect for the picnic (even though the grass was scorched), and as one gentleman commented, "it felt good to do something different with other people who understand you, have fun, laugh and not be judged".

When you hear something like that - then it makes it all worthwhile. 😊

Watch out for some new events coming up.


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