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Park Proms - Romsey - 27th August 2021

We have secured 40 tickets for this event and it will be our first proper return to my singles events since February 2020.

Our events are aimed at our guests feeling comfortable in attending this type of event on their own.

The idea is to help create a network of friends and a means of companionship to avoid the pressure and stigma of going into a situation where everyone is there for the sole purpose of dating, which can make many anxious.

To avoid the male/female ratio imbalance that normally occurs at any singles events - Select Events will sell even numbers of event tickets, in order to make our events more enjoyable for all attending.

The world-famous Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will headline this show stopping event.

The 78-piece orchestra will play a “Last night of the proms” styled concert, along with special guests and a world-class air display .

Tickets will include event ticket, parking, sparkling English wine reception, an individual artisan hamper packed full of the finest fare for you to enjoy, and an opportunity to connect with other singles over 45. Cost £125 per person

LADIES TICKETS - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT & waiting list operating


Tickets are limited. Contact

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