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New Year Loneliness & Trying to Date during Lockdown

This is normally the time of year when most singles make their New Year resolution to dust themselves down and make a conscious effort to go out and find that missing piece in their life, telling themselves that this year is their year for love and companionship.

Except this year, we are in lockdown again and possibly until March 2021.

I have had singles from many different areas contact me via my Select Connections website asking me how they could join and date as they do not to want to wait until March, they were lonely before Christmas and the New Year and now they are lonelier due to having to stay at home during this horrible time.

Some of my clients managed to get initial dates in the weeks before Christmas but these had to be outside for walks or coffee at a location with outside heaters. The ones that progressed to further dates are now dating via an online platform of their choice, but mainly via zoom.

We have now taken this idea and developed a zoom first date concept that we have been trialling since the first Tier 4 restrictions came in certain areas and more so since boxing day. With this concept we set up the zoom date, provide hints and tips on preparation and set ideas to make the date fun and realistic. The couple then choose the way they would like to run their date and we set it all up and send the links to the excited couple. We also provide any first date support that may be needed or not!

So far, we have hosted zoom dates where the couple agreed to pick a museum they both liked and took a virtual tour around it on YouTube, drinks and nibbles, afternoon tea dates. Some follow on dates (2nd dates and more) have moved to virtual cook togethers, order each other deliveroo meals, movie evenings, picnics, full dinner dress evenings and more.......the choice is endless and most couples always agree to dress for the occasion (well at least the top half)!!

I am actually thinking about giving this concept a try out myself - I promised myself in 2020 that it was my year and due to covid it has not been, so here I am, as of yesterday 3 years single (its time, I think).


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