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New Beginnings!

Well, many of you have heard me ramble on about the many people I talk to on a daily basis and how many diverse, disturbing, and amazing stories I have been honoured to listen to.

It is time, more than ever for so many of us to make that decision for a 'new beginning' and with this, there be many changes and choices that we make to support us on this choice and journey.

You may choose to join in on one of my events, (today we had the best yachting event for singles over 50) they came back elated and full of the joys of spring! New friends and new experiences.

Coming up, I will be scheduling some more fun and unique events. I have held all my last online and in-person events complimentary as these do not involve a second party but moving forward events will be at select venues and with a quirky side to things that will make participants feel comfortable to come along on their own and engage for friendship or companionship reasons.

I have made changes in respect to dating recently thanks to Melinda! She tells me constantly that I cannot always make excuses that being too busy with my business, family, dogs....blah is convincing!

I feel now that I need to share with everyone that my hair colour has changed back to blonde! and this is as a result of Emma Gotz our stylist - she recommended my hair is better blonde, and I agree as the limitations within my limited wardrobe were becoming limited!

I must admit that I had been pink for 7 months and I found that few loved it and many did not think it was 'the thing' 😂

But let's move on. We do what we can and within reason and this fits for males and females. We make little changes but maybe these changes should have come a long time ago and been a part of a previous relationship or just us stuck in our ways.

No matter who we are or how we have got to where we are today, we can make 'little' changes to get what we want and this does not have to be a 'full on' partner but a friend, companion and 'whatever' as I love the term 'whatever' as it suits many of us who have become set in our ways and thinking 'yes I would love someone in my life but I don't know what, who or how.

I hear you! I turned 57 this week and here I am, warts and all ! well ... I had them lanced .... joke! 😉😃

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