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Mid-January check-in

Well, here we are, halfway through January, and Christmas is but a distant memory as well as many of the new year's resolutions! (speaking for myself 😮)

This year we hope to see the virus burn itself out so that we can start to mix and socialise without the worry of catching covid for the first time or, for many, the second time. I, for one, am looking forward to getting away for a few days in the sun at some stage, as well as grabbing a cheeky little European City Break (Prague is top of my list).

I have dug out this old blog I wrote two years ago, in January 2022. The reason for this is because it reminds me not to become so wrapped up in silly, unimportant and trivial things that happen in daily life, to keep focused on the bigger picture and embrace every day I have on this planet.

Please read from Jan 2020

Christmas and New Year are very strange and can be lonely times of the year when you are single, even though you have many friends and family around you. I, for one, am glad it is all over, done and dusted!

My stars for this year are reading A LOT better than they did for 2019 - on the morning of New Years Day 2019, I read my year's prediction stars out of the Newspaper supplement, and they said that for the first six months of 2019, I would suffer from ill health, which I dismissed straight away as I am a very healthy person.

I closed the magazine and went to the shed to get the sack to put away the Christmas decorations. I walked into the shed and stood on the rake inside the shed door and knocked myself out, gave myself a black eye (I think I actually broke my nose!!)......then I went back to work for two days and had to go home with the flu (not had in years) and then went back to work a few days later and had to go off again as the flu returned with a vengeance.

In February, I tripped on the ironing I left on the stairs to take up and fell down the stairs and badly damaged my coxic bone.

In March, I broke my toe on the coffee table

In April, my coxic bone had to be xrayed

In May, I had to commence a series of tests

In June, I was told that I had to undergo tests for cancer within two weeks of then.

In late June, I was given the all-clear.

Since then, I have been in excellent health.......and my stars are giving me a very optimistic prediction for 2020.

Even though we feel lonely at times, it is always good to remember that our health is our wealth. When you are used to being healthy, and this is taken away from you, it's time to re-evaluate our priorities and remember that anything is possible once we are fit and well.

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