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Mental Theft Day - Tomorrow - 19th April

Menta lTheft Day 2023 is happening!

As part of the event, there will be some amazing, trusted experts sharing their stories, tips, tricks and advice in order to ensure that you can spot a scam and avoid being a victim.

The best thing about this event is it’s free for you to attend!

The goal is to help people avoid being scammed, taken to the cleaners or worse, both from a commercial and domestic point of view, whether you’re a big business or Joe public.

Hi, Jacqui here. I hope you are all having a lovely week so far. Check out my link below to see what I will be covering tomorrow as far as Romance Scams are concerned.

In conjunction with Mental Theft Day, Select Connections have launched its very first E-Book named, Staying Safe From Romance Fraud (written for singles over 50). For your free copy of this E-book please go to and sign up to receive your downloadable version.

On the 7th May 2023, we will be starting a series of blogs and videos, with supporting resources to help you to prepare to date safely and successfully online, including;

  • do you know if you are ready to date?

  • do you know what kind of relationship you want?

  • we will provide suggestions for the best (safest) websites to join for those new to the dating scene mid-life & later-in-life.

  • how to set your dating values/core values

  • how to write a good profile

  • how to present yourself Online

  • guidelines for your online dating images

  • how to set your parameters,

  • how to search online,

  • how to sift through potential dates,

  • when to move from the dating site messaging platform to your personal platforms

  • how to keep an eagle eye out for potential scammers

  • messaging - how to be concise and spot any time-wasters

  • how to plan your first date - location and safety

  • how to prepare your mindset for your first date

  • how to conduct yourself on a first date

  • how to move onto a second date

  • how to let your date know that you are not interested

  • how to sustain a healthy and balanced relationship

All of the above will come with information sheets, videos and supporting resources.

The launch will be available to download and watch on from Sunday 7th May 2023.

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