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Last Saturday at Quob Park Estate & Vineyard

What a perfect day.....

The weather was amazing, and the venue spectacular.

Everyone arrived at 1 pm and was seated on the terrace enjoying a cold glass of Quob Parks Exception English Sparkling Rose Wine with views over the 170-acre Estate.

At 1.30 pm, the tour started. We got to try five different taste profiles of Exceptional English Sparkling Wine, finding out how different all our palates are. Among many interesting facts, we also learned about the history of English Sparkling Wine and how it was actually discovered by the East End of London Publicans and not the French!

We wandered around the estate and visited a working vineyard plot, followed by the winery. Finding out along the way about the grapes used, grape cycle, harvesting and how Quob Park uses the méthode traditionelle, to produce their Exceptional English Sparkling Wines.

At approximately 4 pm, we were seated at the Vineyard View Lounge and indulged ourselves sampling 14 different gourmet cheese styles whilst sipping Quob Parks Demi-Sec Wine. After making the tough decision of the three tastiest cheeses to have on our charcuterie boards then, it was onto the fun task of using our complimentary £10 wine cards with a choice of over 87 wines starting at £1 per sample to choose some wines to accompany our Charcuterie.

Everyone had so much fun trying wines, and all agreed that this was a great way to try new wines we always wanted to try but didn't want to buy a bottle! Quite a few actually found a new favourite that they would never have tried before. We even had a few blue cheese converts - finding that the sweetness of the Demi-Sec made the blue cheese delicious!

At 5.30 pm, when the cheese & charcuterie was complete, glasses were grabbed, and many retired to the terrace for the beautiful evening sun and some relaxing chit chat. Others had taxis or lifts booked and needed to go, but absolutely EVERYONE enjoyed the day.

It was a pleasure to be your host for this fun and unique event.


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