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I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW the rain has gone.... “It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sun-shiny day,”

(song by Johnny Nash)

It may not be a modern pop hit, but it certainly is one of the most popular tunes about new beginnings. Not only does singing a happy, positive song improve mood, bring positivity and happiness to our lives but it makes us feel that we are ready for anything.

For many of us, the rain has gone, in the form of the pandemic and the loneliness, it has brought to many. We are now able to meet friends, go for a swim, or attend the gym. This is so much more than being at home alone, on the phone, on the zoom to friends and family, but mostly at HOME ALONE!

For others, the rain has gone, in the form of coming out the other side of a loss. This loss could be a bereavement or a relationship that lasted for many years and has now gone. Suddenly you find yourself on your own when all you knew was WE. You wonder, 'who would ever love me again and how on earth do I do this'?! Panic and sadness set in....a path that is difficult to get off.

When this happened to me I took some time before I had to dust myself down and realised that I am a wonderful and imperfect person. I thought very hard back to many years ago and reconnected with my true values which I felt I had lost or faded from years of being the other half and having children. I allowed myself time and space to process my emotions by writing down many things from over the years. These popped into my head most mornings when I was having my first cup of tea in the morning and reflecting on how I got here . Some people find it good to shout, cry or write down their emotions and keep these notes for reflection.

Personally, before I tried this, I thought it was a load of crazy blarney!.....but it actually works and is at least worth a try. It's always good to talk, but it's finding that person you feel comfortable letting it all out to and not being judged. We are from the era that you DO NOT let it all out! But that was then and this is now. I cannot recommend this enough.

I have started to focus on mindfulness, taking the time to feel grateful for what I have in my life right now and focusing on the positives. I do NOT dwell on the past but I focus on the future and a brighter tomorrow.

I am always very aware of the time I decided to leave disappointment behind and congratulated myself on doing so.

I now CELEBRATE all this wonderful world has to offer.

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