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From the pain of divorce, bereavement or the end of a lengthy relationship to creating a new future.

6 step recovery challenge This challenge has been exclusively designed and developed for men and women who have suddenly found themselves single mid-life or later in life. When you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you because the relationship you thought would stand the test of time didn't work out, it hurts. For some, the pain is so intense it hurts. For some, the pain is so fierce that it's physical. All your hopes and dreams are gone, and all you see is a blank screen – a void, and you are unable to fill it with anything meaningful at this point in time. You wonder who will ever love you again! The pain of an ended relationship is one that many people experience, maybe even more than once in a lifetime. Healing from heartbreak is a unique process for everyone, and nobody can tell you how long you will need to heal with any degree of certainty. Still, there are some ways you can make the process of mending a broken heart into an opportunity to learn more about your wants and needs. Please join Jacqui Baker (Dating Specialist for over 50s) & Melinda Smith (Breakup to Breakthrough Coach/Relationship Coach) as we take you on a journey to provide you with sound advice, guidance & resources on how to survive the end of a relationship. We will discuss new ways to deal with your grief and find the best route for YOU to an even better next chapter in your life and share our breakup and divorce stories with you. Step 1 – Healing from loss. Here we introduce the five stages of grief and discuss suggestions for working through and moving forward. Step 2 – Finding you – looking at your idea of happiness, what brings you joy and how to get more of that in your life Step 3 – What do you actually want – looking at your 'shopping list' and what is important to you in your next partner Step 4 – Deciding to date – how do you go about it, where do you start, do you go online/through a matchmaker/on your own Step 5 – Dating – dating etiquette and how to keep your self-esteem whilst dating Step 6 – How to keep your relationship going – here, we cover some hints and tips on keeping the relationship fun Each step will include helpful advice, real-life examples and exercises for you to complete before the next step to help you identify where you are, where you need help and the next steps. The 6 step challenge will run from; (each session will be 30 minutes long) JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP Monday 20th June at 7.30 pm Tuesday 21st June at 7.30 pm Wednesday 22nd June at 7.30 pm Thursday 23rd June at 7.30 pm Friday 24th June at 7.00 pm Weekend reflection Monday 27th June at 7.30 pm

Try not to miss any steps in the journey. You will have the opportunity to attend in private mode or participate at ease. Please feel free to come along and listen – we will not ask any attendees questions but rely on you to type questions into the chat facility, should you wish. If you do not wish to join the Facebook group or attend the live event then, please contact us at in order for us to provide you with a recording of the event and a link to the support resources.

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