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Facebook Live: Select team coaches & experts give free advice, tips and an open forum

Don't miss this 3 night facebook live event:

Come and join our Select team of coaches and experts as they impart free advise, tips and support on a range of topics that will give you ideas and inspiration on finding yourself single in your 50s, 60s and 70s, and kick starting the new chapter in your life.

As well as all this free advice, you will have a chance to post your questions and avail of the free sessions and discounts that will be available to attendees.

Get registering for this informative, fun and exhilarating few evenings designed for individuals who have or are now finding themselves single after many years in a relationship, either due to bereavement, divorce or separation.

Night 1- Monday 28th June @ 7pm to 7.30pm

Part 1: Jacqui will chat about how she overcame the breakup of a long term relationship (in her mid 50s) and the stages she went through to find a new confidence in herself to enable her to achieve a fresh start.

Part 2: Our coach Melinda will take you through little things about dating again in the new world of not actually being able to meet anyone organically. How she identifies the barriers you put up and simple steps to help move outside your comfort zone and empower yourself to put your best foot forward. At the end of the session Melinda will be offering a few complimentary coaching sessions that can be booked on the selected dates that she has on offer.

Night 2 - Tuesday 29th June @ 7pm to 7.30pm

Our Fitness and Nutrition coach & expert Adrian will chat about little changes that you can make to start improving your physical & mental health. He will explain how taking small steps each day in your exercise and diet regime can help to keep away age related problems as well as answering all your questions on relevant topics. Make sure you are there to grab one of the few 1-1 assessment sessions Adrian is throwing in on the evening, to be booked on the selected dates that he has on offer

Night 3 - Wednesday 30th June @ 7pm to 7.30pm

Part 1: Our Stylist Emma will be giving tips and hints on how to be stylish and classical in your dress sense. Emma will firstly give examples and ideas via her screen of various different styles for gents and then ladies in their 50s and 60s. She will also let you know where you can buy these put together outfits from and the cost - something that is normally only available to her 'paid clients'.

Following into the theme of the event, Emma will impart with her advice on how ladies and gents should aim to dress for a first date - what works and what does not work!

Part 2: Naomi Our very cool Photographer will step in swiftly after Emma and chat about what happens when she is conducting a photo-shoot's for one of our Select Connections member profiles. She will explain how she focuses on telling that person’s individual story in the most attractive light, and why we need to start seeing our online photos as being part of a personal narrative that we need to take control of, whether for dating connections or professional connections, the photographs we post form a real perception of who we are!

Naomi will explain how she can organise an outdoor photo shoot for you that is quick, easy and does not have to be weather dependent and she will be offering some very special photo-shoots for our attendees on the evening!

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