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Events for Singles Over 50 - Your Path for Connection

Hello, and I hope this blog finds you all in good health.

As we prepare to introduce our impressive array of upcoming events, allow me to offer some valuable insights into our refined membership approach, event reservation process, and the exceptional experiences that await you. These exciting gatherings will present you with the opportunity to connect with new friends and acquaintances.

At Select Connections and our new Club Select, we're embracing the essence of being "older but young". We are redefining social events for our discerning clientele.

Behind the scenes, the team at Club Select will be taking great care to ensure that mature singles feel comfortable and at ease in attending any of our events.

Jacqui will personally curate and host a series of intimate and exclusive gatherings that promise to captivate and delight.

Membership Registration

To attend a Select Connections Event, you will need to be registered on our system. It's free to sign up! However, please note that registration alone won't guarantee you a spot at your preferred event.

Club Select: Streamlined Access

We've streamlined our events, now part of Club Select, accessible via the member's login portal on the Select Connections Website.

Event Booking with a Twist

Our revamped booking system aims for balanced male-to-female ratios and a diverse mix of attendees from every decade. No more running into the same faces at every event, which can become tiresome.

Remember, our events aren't about dating: they are social gatherings where you can comfortably chat with anyone without the pressure of appearing too forward. But if you do make a connection, we're more than happy to facilitate the exchange of details, just as we've always done.

Under our new structure, each event will offer a pre-booking option. You'll provide your details and leave a small deposit. After we've reviewed the applicants and fine-tuned the guest list, we'll let you know if you're in. If not, you'll receive a refund. If you are, you'll finalise your booking within the terms and conditions for that particular event.

An Exclusive Experience

Moving forward, our events will be similar and even more exclusive than ever before. We're committed to ensuring you meet a diverse range of people, preventing the repetition found at other single's events for those over 50.

We're primarily hosting events in London, simply because if we hold them in the areas where our Introduction Agency Client Base is based (Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex (London & Greater London), then very few attend.

We receive the occasional complaint about consistently hosting our events in London. However, our decision is based on not wanting to invest extensive time and effort in planning, developing, and delivering events that only a few people (mostly ladies) would attend.

Our events have always been scheduled on weekends and timed to allow our members to easily travel to London and return home before evening. Some members enjoy staying on for a great time, which we appreciate. Nonetheless, we also ensure that everyone starts making their way home at a reasonable hour. Additionally, we provide Jacqui's contact number to assist in the case of train cancellations or other unforeseen issues ensuring our members have support if needed.

To elaborate more on why we hold most of our events in London (at this present time). Many of you have weekends that are wide open, perhaps you're semi-retired or fully retired. While you might reside in Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Brighton, Canterbury, or even farther afield, have you ever considered that the person you might meet at one of our London events has also made the journey for the day or is open to exploring new horizons?

Let's break out of the usual mindset and ponder this: "Could I have a better chance of meeting someone outside my immediate area"? Because here's the secret - most singles over 50 are quite flexible when it comes to where they settle down, and they're more than willing to commute until they find their special someone. And this concept isn't exclusive to those living in the locations I've mentioned. We have singles attending our London events from all over, including Gloucestershire, Somerset, Exeter, Cornwall, Warwickshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and many more to mention on this blog.

The bottom line is, to dive deeper into your thinking. If you forge a connection at one of our events, you have the power to make it work. We're not teenagers anymore' we're as grown up as it gets (even though we shouldn't act it)!

We have more of life's runway behind us than ahead, so it's high time to dispel any misconceptions that might be holding you back from finding companionship.

Don't let outdated ideas keep you from connecting with amazing people in unexpected places.

Jacqui & The Team @ Select Connections/Club Select


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