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Dont look back!

Yesterday I saw this plaque on my friend's kitchen wall, and I had to take a picture.

How many of us need to look at this and take stock?

We are moving forward, and we should not dwell on the past, but it is always good to reflect on what happened, why it matters and what we can do to change. We should not reflect on what went wrong but what went well.

No matter what has gone before, we are FABULOUS


SO.....everyone experiences change in their lives, all sorts of change, some good, some bad and some s**t.

How many of you have found out in the long run that when the choice is taken out of your hands - down the line, you realised it was the greatest gift your spouse could have given you!

Once you have gotten over this time of turmoil and life changes, which can be confusing and scary at times, you may feel excited at the thought of a fresh new chapter in your life!

Divorce or the end of a relationship in mid-life or after mid-life does not have to be the end of life; it can be the beginning of a new exciting journey.

Things are looking good for 2022. Omnicom is on the downturn, and life may return to some sort of normal later this year; we can socialise and holiday. We have a lot to be grateful for after these last two years....lets look forward.

Look after yourselves.

Jacqui x

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