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Some tips on dating mid-life/later-in-life.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Dating at any age can be challenging.

Depending on whether you have recently become single after many years in a relationship or whether you have been single on and off for most of your adult life, the thought of jumping into the modern dating pool in 2022 can either be an exciting prospect or just thinking about it actually makes your blood run cold!! Dating is harder now than ever before. It's a minefield out there.

This is a very wide subject, with many different approaches - we are all unique (hence the varying emojis showing all kinds of emotions), but as long as you have done the work in making sure you are in the 'right place' to date, and by that I mean you love yourself, be confident and optimistic.

Then it is time to start dating.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share with you via a series of blogs & vlogs tips and ideas on 'how to date';

  • how to get in the right mindset before deciding your dating approach.

  • Deciding what dating method suits you.

  • Preparing your mindset for dating.

  • Preparing your health, fitness and style for dating.

  • How to date: this is a massive subject. with many nuances.

  • How to date smarter online:

  • Other ways to get yourself out, social and mixing with other like-minded singles.

  • How to move from date 1, to 2, to 3 and so on.

  • How to keep a relationship going.

These are just a few subjects we will cover as more will pop up every week.

If you have any questions, you would like to ask or have a particular subject you would like to see covered, please contact me at

Have a lovely evening.


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