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Christmas is not the same for everyone!

I hope this blog finds you all healthy and happy.

For those of you who are busy getting ready to spend tomorrow with family or friends, then I wish you a warm and wonderful day.

For those of you who are alone and maybe not relishing the prospect of waking up tomorrow and spending the day by yourself – then please do not let this thought have a significant impact on your wellbeing.

It is only ONE day – let’s focus on the positives

Ö You get to escape the suffocating requirements of seasonal cheer

Ö You can watch what you want when you want

Ö You escape family dramas or friends getting drunk and engaging in awkward debates

Ö You can cook what pleases you OR order in!

Don’t leave the day to chance – plan ….. Spoil Yourself

Plan your day around a list of fun things you would like to do!

Wake up and do something different from your daily routine and something indulgent.

Ö Treat yourself – buy a lovely gift to yourself - ready to open. It doesn’t have to be

extravagant or expensive but something you have wanted.

Ö Wrap up and go for a walk, say hello to some people along the way, and you will be

surprised to meet other people also spending the day alone.

Ö After your walk, have a yummy breakfast. Indulge in smoked salmon and maybe a glass

of bubbly. Something different from your regular porridge, toast or cup of tea.

Ö Telephone or facetime a friend or family member and have a chat.

Ö Put on something comfortable, grab a novel you have meant to read for some time and

indulge in a few chapters, maybe with a glass of wine, real ale, whiskey or Baileys!

Ö Cook a decadent recipe you've wanted to try. Best accompanied with your favourite

radio station or podcast and a glass of the tipple of your choice.

Ö Line up a festive movie or indulge in some retro box sets to make you laugh out loud.

Ö The theme - is to spoil yourself, and it is only for one day, before you know it, its boxing

day and all the hype is over.

Positive Thought:

Remember the good things that we have in our lives, starting with our health.

When you mention to people you will be alone at Christmas or most of the time outside of the season, they say it must be awful to be lonely, and they can relate to that at times – NO – loneliness is a complex human emotion unique to each of us!

Are you worried about being alone on Christmas Day?

Sarah Millican’s #JoinIn

There is space for everyone in this worldwide conversation.

Church of England – ‘carols & chat’ event (even if you are not religious but still fancy a sing-song and a chance to talk to others via the YouTuve chat feature)

Christmas Day at 3:30 pm

Mind – Side by Side Community – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (provides a safe place for you to speak openly about your experiences or support others going through a difficult time.

Campaign against living miserably

I wish you all a peaceful, content and reflective holiday season. Take this time to think briefly about past times and plan how 2022 will be the year that you decide to get on with your life instead of dwelling on all the things that could have been.

2022 is your year to give yourself a jumpstart.

Take good care

Jacqui Baker xx

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