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August Highlights: Authentic Connections, Growth, and Exciting News

Well, these last few weeks have been so busy for me and it is time for a quick recap of what has been happening in August:

On 12th August we had our singles summer picnic in Southsea. This was a really fun and enjoyable few hours, where we engaged in some entertaining activities allowing us to comfortably tell the others in the group a little bit about ourselves and what makes us tick!

Also, in early August, I was approached by the iNewspaper to write an article for them on being single and dating mid-life/later-in-life, as well as providing some essential tips.

On 19th August, Take A Break Magazine published an article I had written on the Do's & Dont's of dating Over 50, and the challenges women might expect to face when dating again at this stage in life.

I'm also excited to share a recent experience that brought me onto the brilliant Lou Hannan show on BBC Radio Solent. We delved into the intriguing world of being single over 50, where I had the wonderful opportunity to open up about my journey, my business, and how I found happiness in my own single life at the age of 59.

During the interview, I discussed my personal journey that led to the creation of Select Connections and also my personal brand, which is a platform through which I mentor mid-life and later-in-life singles, guiding them towards achieving the contentment and fulfilment that I've found myself. Having been through my fair share of ups and downs, I realised that my experiences could be a guiding light for others in similar situations.

Navigating the dating scene at this stage of life can be challenging. Many find themselves in uncharted waters after spending decades in long-term relationships. It was through my own experiences, my successes, my failures, and my determination that I found the path to contentment and happiness. I made the decision to channel my experiences into helping others do the same.

One of the main takeaways from my journey is the significance of honesty and authenticity. On the radio show, I openly shared my story, embracing both the triumphs and the challenges. The authenticity in my narrative seemed to resonate with the listeners, as it's not every day that you hear someone talk candidly about the complexities of dating over 50.

What I found particularly rewarding was discussing how Select Connections, my specialised introduction agency, came into existence. This platform is dedicated to mentoring and guiding individuals over 50 through their dating journey, helping them achieve successful outcomes.

Many of these remarkable individuals have spent decades in long-term relationships and are now navigating the unfamiliar terrain of dating once again. Whether it's reentering the dating scene, rebuilding self-confidence, or honing communication skills, my mission is to offer unwavering guidance and support every step of the way. Additionally, we focus on preparing them to not only find a new relationship but also to successfully navigate and nurture it, even after years of accustomed routines or decades spent with a single partner.

The journey of being single over 50 isn't just about dating; it's about rediscovering oneself, building new connections, and embracing this chapter of life with open arms. My appearance on the Lou Hannan show was a reminder that sharing our stories and experiences can inspire and empower others who might be facing similar challenges.

I believe that by discussing topics like being single over 50 openly and honestly, we can break down the stigmas surrounding it and create a more supportive and understanding community. So, here's to embracing singlehood, cherishing the connections we make, and finding contentment in our own unique journeys.

In a world where connections are often made through digital platforms, there's something truly special about face-to-face interactions, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

On August 26th, I had the honour of hosting an exceptional event at the renowned Clermont Hotel in Victoria, London. This event brought together a diverse group of individuals over 50, all seeking to connect in a relaxed and genuine setting.

In this blog post, I'll provide a glimpse into this event that aimed to foster connections while helping attendees overcome social anxieties.

A Tapestry of Individuals: The event welcomed 28 singles, each with their own stories and experiences, creating a tapestry of diversity within the "over 50s" demographic. The diverse mix of genders and ages added depth to the gathering, reminding us that connections are about shared experiences rather than labels.

Crafting the Ideal Environment: With a focus on authentic interactions, I chose the intimate booths of the Clermont Hotel to facilitate conversations. Grouping participants into clusters allowed for meaningful connections to form naturally, without any forced dynamics.

Flavours, Laughter, and Connections: As the event unfolded, attendees enjoyed the flavours of a delectable brunch while laughter and camaraderie filled the air. The shared experience of dining acted as a catalyst for conversations to flow, creating an atmosphere of ease.

From Brunch to Conversations: After the brunch, we transitioned to cosy pods, encouraging more intimate discussions over coffee and drinks. This shift allowed connections to evolve organically from initial introductions.

Empowering Through Connection: For many, attending this event marked a step out of their comfort zone. Social anxieties that often come with such gatherings were eased through personal introductions and thoughtful pairings, fostering a sense of belonging.

More Than Dating: Creating Authentic Spaces: Setting this event apart is its departure from traditional "dating" events. Rebranding it as a "social for singles over 50" emphasises building genuine connections, shedding the pressure of romantic expectations.

Nurturing Confidence, Inspiring Change: The true success of the event lies in the transformation stories. Seeing individuals who had hesitated to attend due to nervousness leave with newfound confidence is truly rewarding. Creating an inclusive environment translates to empowering experiences, encouraging attendees to embrace a new phase of life.

Conclusion: The singles' brunch at the Clermont Hotel was more than an event; it was a platform for change and genuine connections. It broke down barriers, built confidence, and inspired attendees to take positive steps forward.

By reimagining singles' gatherings and highlighting the value of human connections, this event showcased the potential of shared experiences for individuals over 50, all under the guidance of myself (Jacqui).

Our new partnership with The Age Group.

I am thrilled to share some exciting news that will undoubtedly resonate deeply with all of you.

Our mission to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to singles over 50 has reached a new pinnacle. We've joined forces with the esteemed Age Group that publishes "The Age Times," opening up a world of possibilities to empower you on your journey of recovery, rediscovery, and rejuvenation.

Introducing: The Monthly Empowerment Series

Starting this month, we are collaborating with "The Age Times" to bring you a transformative series of content specially crafted to support those who have weathered the storms of breakups, and loss, or perhaps have yet to experience a fulfilling relationship.

We understand that life after 50 can present unique challenges, and our collective goal is to provide you with valuable insights, actionable advice, and heartwarming stories that illuminate the path to healing and happiness.

Navigating New Beginnings

Whether you're grappling with the end of a decades-long relationship, dealing with the profound loss of a loved one, or stepping into the world of dating for the first time, our Monthly Empowerment Series has you covered. From recovering your sense of self to embracing the exhilarating journey of dating, and from fostering healthy relationships to finding contentment as a thriving single, each issue will address the multifaceted aspects of your life.

Topics We'll Explore

  • Healing Hearts: Discover practical strategies to overcome the emotional aftermath of breakups or bereavement. Learn how to nurture your emotional well-being and cultivate resilience.

  • Rediscovering Romance: Whether you're venturing into the dating scene or reigniting a spark in your life, we'll provide you with tips for successful dating, navigating online platforms, and building meaningful connections.

  • Building Strong Bonds: For those stepping into new relationships, we'll explore the art of communication, conflict resolution, and fostering intimacy. You'll find insights to help you navigate the complexities of love in later life.

  • Embracing Independence: Being single is not synonymous with being lonely. We'll delve into the joys of embracing your independence, cultivating self-love, and crafting a fulfilling life as a single individual.

Your Monthly Dose of Inspiration

Imagine each month receiving a curated package of wisdom, advice, and inspiration tailored to your unique journey. Our collaboration with "The Age Times" means you'll have access to a wealth of resources that understand the nuances of your experiences and aspirations.

Join Us on This Empowering Journey

We invite you to embark on this empowering journey of growth and self-discovery with us.

Please click on the link below to see our first instalment: What is your love language?

While it can be easy to assume that you know how to love someone how they want to be loved, based on what you enjoy, did you know that there are actually five recognised love languages - five ways in which we see, receive, and give love?

Both romantic relationships and platonic friendships are impacted by love languages, so determining yours can better help you show the love you have for people in all circumstances

The love languages piece is now live with the relevant links:

Well, as you can see, it has been a pretty busy August for me (Jacqui), Melinda and the team at Select Connections.

Get Ready for a Game-Changing Dating Experience!

In this final part of our 'August News Blog,' We're thrilled to share some exciting news as we gear up for the upcoming months of 2023 and beyond.

Get ready to dive into a fresh approach to dating with our brand-new subscription-based membership tailored just for you in the UK – introducing the 'Meet 3' Dating Model!

Quality over Quantity: Tired of endlessly swiping through profiles that just don't click? The new affordable 'Meet 3' Dating Model is all about handpicked matches that suit your preferences. No more sifting through masses – just meaningful connections that count.

Personalised Support: Within the 'Meet 3' Dating Model we're offering personalised support sessions crafted to your individual needs - we understand that each person's journey is unique. Whether you're seeking advice, a confidence boost, or simply a friendly chat, we're here to support you.

Monthly Webinars: Enhance your dating and relationship knowledge with our monthly webinars. Covering topics from reentering the dating scene to fostering healthy connections, these webinars are designed to empower you.

The wonderful aspect of webinars is the ability to participate without revealing your identity, keeping your screen inactivated while you absorb the presentation. Within these sessions, all attendees will have been given the chance to submit questions ahead of time, and these queries will be tackled by the specialists while ensuring complete confidentiality throughout all the sessions.

Diverse Resources: Explore a variety of resources, from post-breakup recovery to expert advice on navigating the dating landscape. This hub is your source of inspiration and empowerment on your journey.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out this exciting new dating adventure, tailor-made for the UK. Say goodbye to cheesy clichés and hello to authentic connections, meaningful conversations, and personal growth. The future of dating is right at your doorstep, inviting you to a world of opportunities.

To wrap up, August has highlighted the value of authentic connections and personal growth.

From engaging events and articles to sharing on the Lou Hannan show, I've emphasised navigating life's challenges with resilience.

Select Connections and reflect my commitment to guiding others through their unique journeys, driven by honesty and self-discovery.

The transformative Clermont Hotel event underscored the power of genuine interactions, showcasing the potential of life after 50.

Looking ahead, our partnership with The Age Group introduces the Monthly Empowerment Series, offering insights on healing, rediscovery, and more.

The 'Meet 3' Dating Model prioritises quality connections, backed by tailored support and resources to empower you.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Let's continue celebrating genuine connections and embracing life's opportunities together.

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Jacqui Baker

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