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Are You Struggling with Dating After 50? Here's Your Solution!

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. 🥰

I hope you've had an amazing week since my last blog.

I have some exciting news to share with you today. Over the past week, I've received numerous messages, emails, and calls from many of you who are eager to get back into the dating scene after 50 but are struggling to find the right path. Well, I've been listening, and I'm thrilled to announce our upcoming course designed just for you!

Are you one of the many people who contact me on a regular basis – asking about dating advice and wondering where you might be going wrong? In response to your calls, emails, and messages, I am delighted to introduce our "How to Date Better Mid-Life & Later in Life" course. This course has been thoughtfully designed to address the unique challenges and concerns that mature singles like you often encounter.

Rediscover Love and Companionship:

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of rediscovering love and companionship? After spending two, three, or even four decades in a relationship, re-entering the dating scene can be a mix of excitement and apprehension. Or perhaps you've been dating but not finding the right connections? Our course will guide you through the often perplexing world of dating in 2023.

Shift Your Mindset:

We will delve into the psychology of dating, helping you shift your mindset, overcome barriers, and embrace the adventure ahead. Your midlife and beyond can be the most rewarding chapter in your romantic life!

Module Highlights:

Last week I talked about the first unit of the course which revolves around presenting yourself genuinely for online dating. We will assist you in creating authentic and honest profiles while addressing common stumbling blocks. Say goodbye to second-guessing.

The next unit I would like to highlight is: Realistic Partner Requirements for Successful Dating Over 50

Below: A brief overview of the unit content.

Lesson 1: The Myth of the Perfect Partner

  • Discuss the common misconception of finding a "perfect" partner.

  • Encourage students to reflect on their own lists of partner requirements.

  • Highlight the potential drawbacks of rigidly adhering to these unrealistic expectations.

  • Introduce the concept of a "realistic partner."

Lesson 2: Self-Reflection and Prioritising Values

  • Guide students in a self-reflective exercise to identify their core values and relationship priorities.

  • Emphasise the importance of aligning partner requirements with personal values.

  • Encourage open-mindedness and flexibility in partner selection.

Lesson 3: Balancing Physical Attraction and Compatibility

  • Address the issue of being overly image-driven in online dating.

  • Discuss the importance of physical attraction while emphasising that it is just one aspect of a successful relationship.

  • Teach strategies for looking beyond initial appearances to assess compatibility.

Lesson 4: Redefining Success in Dating

  • Challenge the notion that success in dating should be solely based on meeting all criteria on a checklist.

  • Introduce the idea that successful dating is about building meaningful connections and relationships.

  • Provide examples of how fulfilling relationships can develop despite not meeting all initial requirements.


Don't let these common dating pitfalls hinder your quest for love and companionship. Join our course, "How to Date Better Mid-Life & Later in Life," and together, we'll embark on a journey toward a more enjoyable and successful dating experience.

It's never too late to find that special someone who will stand by your side, ensuring you never feel lonely or fearful of facing life alone.

For more information on this course and to register, email:

Have a lovely Sunday evening.

All the very best.



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