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Another lovely testimonial ......

When I approached Select Connections, I had been single for two and a half years and had not attempted online dating. I had heard so many conflicting stories about it, and at 65 years old, I decided that I would try and meet a lady by going out to places where I might bump into someone, strike up a conversation and take it from there!

To cut a very long story short, this approach did not work before the pandemic. I have no idea where ladies in their 60s go-to for entertainment or socialising, but it certainly was not where I was. I failed to engage with literally any female company, and those I did were not trusting of a gentleman on his own trying to have a conversation with them – and then the pandemic arrived and that put paid to that. When I looked at the membership fees, I thought it was roughly the cost of a week away on holiday, and I did not want to go on holiday alone. At least if all went well by the end of the process, I would have what I so greatly desired, someone to spend the next many years enjoying the nice things in life with and not feeling so lonely.

I am now on my third date. We have been dating now for just over two months. It is going well, and it is like we have known each other for much longer than we have. Now we can book a holiday for TWO.

My first two dates were attractive ladies, but not the right ones for me. I felt that they were what I had to do to get to where I am now - in the process, you find out things about yourself that you either did not know or forgot about Jacqui worked very hard with me after each date to identify the reasons for it not being the right person, and she used this information to search for a more suitable person – ultimately the right one

Brian, 65, Haselmere.

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