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A Spectacular Day with Amazing Singles: Highlights from Our Latest Event😎💕

Last Friday's singles event was absolutely fantastic, with perfect weather complementing the brilliant group of attendees.

Due to a recent spike in COVID-19, our group was slightly smaller than anticipated, with 14 guests (7 ladies and 7 gentlemen). 😊

We kicked off the day at the St James Park Café, a truly picturesque spot. After everyone grabbed their drinks, I organised the teams, handed out the packs, and explained the brief. Team names were chosen, and the challenge began - may the best team win! 🏆

By 2 PM, the teams reconvened at The Royal Horseguards Hotel terrace for post-hunt drinks. The atmosphere was relaxed, filled with lively banter and camaraderie between the teams.

At 3 PM, brunch was served, and the room fell silent as everyone enjoyed their well-earned meal. A few drinks accompanied brunch, and as dessert was served, I announced the winning team and shared some of the most amusing answers that had everyone laughing.

The mingling continued, and there was a lovely buzz in the room. I moved around the tables, listening to the day's stories. Everyone commented on seeing parts of Westminster they had never imagined.

By 5:30 PM, guests began to leave, exchanging goodbyes and congratulations. 😬

Many attendees expressed how much they enjoyed the event and had fun.

Although I advertise our events as social gatherings for mature singles rather than dating events, I must admit that I've already arranged three sets of dates from attendees who reached out to connect with someone they met on Friday. That's nearly 50% of the event!

Organising and delivering an event requires a lot of preparation and effort, but seeing everyone enjoy themselves and naturally connect makes it all worthwhile.

Nothing makes me happier than matching people, which I did when forming the teams. 😉

It's crucial to me that mature singles view our events as opportunities to meet new friends, not just dating events.

Six people from last Friday's event have already had their first dates, having spent the day together during the hunt and brunch, and are eager to continue getting to know each other.

Don't miss out on our next event – come join us for fun, laughter, and new friendships!

Jacqui B


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