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Melinda is a qualified and accredited Holistic Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and soon-to-be Hypnotherapist. Melinda brings a history of helping businesses implement change and processes to grow. She is adept at developing relationships and spent a large part of her life-building business for corporate companies, as well as giving career advice and playing matchmaker between job seekers and employers. She realised that the part she enjoyed was relationship coaching - helping employer and employee/job seeker understand each other and invest in their relationship to harmonise their work life together.


Now an Internationally Accredited Coach, Melinda uses holistic coaching and NLP techniques to help her clients to look at their dating behaviours and move through any barriers they may have. She assists them in establishing healthy boundaries so they can get the best out of their dating experience. Melinda delivers mentoring and coaching on an individual and group basis, regularly delivering workshops on loss, confidence, and common dating misconceptions and fears. Melinda delivers the bulk of our on-demand personal development offering and takes responsibility for the operational side of Select Connections.

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