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This is the kind of love I'm celebrating today: unconditional, furry, and full of tail wags. Happy Valentine's Day!"

Feeling bombarded by heart-shaped displays and constant reminders about couples?

You're not alone. Valentine's Day can be a challenging day for singles, filled with pressure and unrealistic expectations. But instead of feeling lonely or inadequate, let's reframe this day as an opportunity to celebrate self-love, friendship, and all the other beautiful forms of love in our lives.

Remember teenage Valentine's Day? Excitement buzzing, wondering if a secret admirer left a card. That innocent joy has morphed into a commercial storm aimed at couples, leaving singles feeling bombarded and, let's be honest, they dont seem to have the same enthusiasim for an air of intrigue today!.

But what if we reclaim Valentine's Day?

Let's celebrate all forms of love, not just the romantic, and turn February 14th into a day of self-appreciation and meaningful connections.

Stop comparing your reality to the curated perfection projected online. Instead, focus on yourself. Pamper yourself with a luxurious bath, indulge in guilty pleasure snacks, binge-watch your favorite show in comfy PJs (no partner required!).

This day is about celebrating you, not someone else's expectations.

Love isn't confined to romantic partnerships.

Celebrate the incredible people in your life. This weekend plan a girls or fellas drinks night, plan a games night with the family, or volunteer with a cause you care about. These connections are good for your soul and remind you of the love that surrounds you.

Remember, you are enough. Don't let societal pressure define your worth. This Valentine's Day, choose self-love, celebrate genuine connections, and open your mind to new possibilities.

Get ready for all the half price chocolate in the shops tomorrow ......YAY 😍🍫

Have a lovely evening.

Jacqui B


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How can a dating site or agency really perform with the right motive if it is against their interests to succeed? Otherwise, isn,t it conceivable, they will eventually fold can,t afford to be successful .it's no wonder very few singles have less confidence in them no? I am yet to know anyone who has got anywhere ,,are they not more a social club that is impelling lonely folk with dream from their youth...

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