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Saturday Night at the Movies, who cares what picture you see!

when you're huggin' with your baby in the back row of the balcony (The Drifters)

We are really excited to have secured this amazing venue & private cinema screening event for our singles.

Forget about these long miserable cold & lonely Saturday evenings - get out, have some fun & enjoy some great company.

Southampton Harbour Hotel

Saturday 13th November 2021

7 pm till late

There are only 20 seat tickets available upon application.

Once you have RSVP'd you will be contacted to confirm if you have been lucky enough to secure a ticket. You will be asked to vote for your favourite classic movie (choice of 5) and the majority wins from the 20 attendees. We will aim to make sure everyone is happy with the choice

Our last event sold out in 4 days.

Our events are small and select!

How it works:

7 pm - Arrival - Host to do introductions & everyone will enjoy a glass of bubbly (or beer) while getting acquainted.

7.15 pm - Pizza specially prepared by the hotel's chef is served.

7.30 pm - Host to seat guests in the cinema theatre.

7.45 pm - Popcorn buckets are served & the Movie starts.

9.45 pm - Movie ends & guests can either pop up to Harbar on the 6th & join us for a drink or feel free to go home

Tickets (when confirmed) for the full evening £37.50

To reserve your place either email OR go onto and RSVP.

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