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Dating 101



About the Course

 This covers the areas of dating that no one talks about or you were too afraid to ask.  You will learn about

·       dating etiquette

·        conversations – how to have them, what to talk about and how to deal with awkward silences

·       Dress codes – what to wear and how to wear it

·       Modern terms – here we remove the confusion around terms such as love bombing, ghosting and others

·       Questions – how to ask them without making it sound like an interrogation and the sort of questions to ask (and not to ask!)

·       Dos and don’ts

·       F**k the spark – how looking for fireworks could be keeping you single and what to look for instead

·       Keeping safe – how to keep yourself safe whilst dating both online and in person

·       Saying goodbye at the end of the date – how to say goodbye when you want to see them again and when you don’t!

How to politely say you don’t want to see them again

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