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Barriers and Boundaries



About the Course

This is another course that can compliment some of the others. Sometimes people think that they have boundaries when actually what they have is barriers. Barriers are what you put in the way of you finding love, these can be things such as I wont date someone who wears braces (on their trousers not their teeth!!) or I wont travel further than 5 miles from home to find a potential partner (you may laugh, we have had these!). Boundaries are things such as I wont go to someone’s home until I have met them at least 3 times, I won’t get a lift home with them on a first date or I will only have a first date in a public place (we highly recommend this one!). This course will help you to identify what could be holding you back and make you examine both your barriers and boundaries whilst helping you to put more healthy ones in place.

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