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Unmasking Connections: Mystery Scavenger Hunt for Singles Over 50 Fostering Camaraderie & Friendship

What an incredible adventure we had yesterday!

Mother nature looked kindly on us and gave us a rain-free afternoon. ☀️

I'm thrilled to share the highlights of an unforgettable afternoon.

We kicked off our Exclusive Mature Singles Outdoor Scavenger Hunt with a Twist by forming teams over coffee, tea, and pastries.

Fuelled up and ready to go - it was time to hit the streets of London! The journey began at the historic Shoe Lane - just off Fleet Street, with three teams setting off at 5-minute intervals to avoid any clashes along the way. 😄

The afternoon was brimming with intriguing and challenging questions that required the teams to collaborate in a race against time, decipher enigmatic clues, and unveil hidden treasures. The midpoint break led them to the Olde Cheshire Cheese pub, a place intertwined with the mystery. This historic pub, rebuilt in 1666 following the Great Fire of London, boasts a rich history, having been frequented by literary luminaries such as Charles Dickens, G.K. Chesterton, and Mark Twain.

Now, recharged and regrouped, the excitement continued as the teams cracked the rest of the clues, all the while, wondering how the other two teams were getting along!

Eventually, all clues led to the prize-giving venue (Fleets on Fleet Street) for drinks and, most importantly, the results. 🍻🏆

This was my favorite part of the day - I received the results as soon as the last team submitted their findings...... 🕵️🕵️‍♀️🗝️

The teams were back in the wine bar and all feeling pretty confident and getting the drinks in. I thought it was very noble of me to let them have their 20 minutes of post-event camaraderie before ......🍾🎉😭😤but I'm good like that 😂

I need to say that this was my most memorable event to date (many events under my belt) and it was a fusion of adventure, mystery, and a touch of friendly competition. The bonds formed by the teams during their quest were truly unforgettable. It was all about unity, quick thinking, teamwork, and fun.

The results were announced, medals were distributed, and a great deal of enjoyment, banter, and good times were shared among all the attendees at the wine bar. As the evening progressed, new friendships were forged, contact information was exchanged, and the atmosphere, for lack of a better term, was truly heartwarming."

Typically, I do not linger at events I organise, but this one was unique, so I made the choice to stay and enjoy a few drinks.

A big thank you for making my evening so interesting and fun....🥰

All that remains for me to say to everyone who came along and had fun yesterday is, thank you all for joining me on this unique journey. It was an afternoon filled with adventure,

This mystery scavenger hunt for singles over 50 was an excellent way to bring people together without the stigma of dating and help newcomers to social events feel more comfortable, my reasoning for running an event that was effective at achieving this outcome

Watch out for the Christmas event


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