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Select Connections support videos for singles in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

We are very proud to say that we have completed our 3 videos and we hope that they will support mature singles in any way possible. If you find yourself suddenly single after many years in a relationship or single again after many relationships....and wonder why! This is for everyone and we don't care if you have been continuously single, or suddenly single.

Night 1 - we have Jacqui, founder of Select Connections and Melinda, Dating and Relationships Coach chatting about how Jacqui found herself single at the age of 53 after many years in a relationship. Melinda chats about the cool way that she manages the barriers that we set up without knowing it and how this leads to blockages (not the kitchen sink/toilet) but things we set in our minds without realising - very important! Melinda also covers other areas that we don't like to talk about. She is also offering two complimentary coaching sessions!

Night 2 - we have Adrian, Fitness & Nutrition coach. Adrian chats through the little things that we don't realise our bodies need in our 50s, 60s and 70s to keep us physically and mentally active. Little changes every day to our fitness and diet will also enhance our physical and mental capacity. Adrian is also offering 3 free fitness consultations.

Night 3 - we have our very classic and sophisticated Stylist, Emma who will explain to all us males and females over 50, and in their 60s and 70s how to dress for our age, shapes and sizes. You will be WOWED by how she explains our shapes and the styles that flatter us - both male and female. Emma will also give us an overview of what we really should be wearing on a first date for our age that makes us look classy, stylish and flatters our shape - no matter what it is!

Naomi our very beautiful, cool and funny photographer will chat about the best way to bring out the beautiful fun person that you are – that will reflect in your image whether this is self-confidence or your dating profile image.

Watch these two amazing professionals tonight and they have a couple of offers for the first 2 people each to contact both of them on their emails - Emma is offering 2 free stylist consultations Naomi is offering 2 free photoshoots

(T&Cs with Naomi)

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions and look on our website for further information.

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