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Good Sunday Morning Everyone....

I hope you are all keeping fit, healthy and well.

I went away on holiday to Egypt in early July with my 16-year-old daughter. We had such a fabulous time together, and it was a great feeling to be excited with the anticipation of going abroad and having the opportunity to experience how other cultures live and their beliefs. I returned to celebrate my 58th birthday last Wednesday, and I have been enjoying some lovely get-togethers with friends over the weekend.

I cannot actually believe that I am now fast approaching 60, and in my head, I am still in my 30s - but when I look in the mirror, the picture is far from that! It scares the 'bejaysus' out of me to think that if I am lucky, then I will have 20 quality years ahead of me, to meet someone and enjoy a quality lifestyle where one-off us or both of us is not suffering from ailments or illnesses that come with the ageing process.

I seem to use my birthday as a yearly review, weighing up where I am now and how I am now....

Life passes us by quickly, and we need to embrace every minute and make little changes every day to maintain our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Live in the present, look to the future and the beginning of the rest of my life. We are all sometimes guilty of being somewhat fixated on the past, our mistakes, and what could have been, if only and replaying scenarios.

We are responsible for our own happiness, health and wellbeing. Have you had a review lately?

Do you want to make some changes in your life?

Are you afraid to make some changes?

If you are answering 'yes' to any of the questions above, then you need to know that it is never too late to establish some new routines, replace old ones, make small changes, make big changes, whatever, just make one change TODAY!

If you need any help or signposting with trying to implement some simple but effective changes, then please email me at where I can either provide support or signpost you to get some fun and interesting ideas to help you wake up each morning with purpose. Take good care. Jacqui B x

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