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Finding that someone special later in life - is really not that easy!

But if you take note, listen and think, then a better life and love are there for us!

So, as I have talked about many times on my blogs...finding someone special (male/female) mid-life/later in life is not easy but most definitely not impossible. We need to be aware of the obstacles, boundaries and barriers we put in our way ourselves, and these come from being older and more set in our ways. Sometimes we don't realise we are doing this, but we do realise what we are doing in many cases.

I have many clients and members that come to me (male and female). They want to meet someone desperately, but they are scared and somewhat reluctant as they know the way they have become (myself included) and need to have what they had before......oh no, I advise them, this is YOUR chapter, and you write it as you want it. We only have one good run at this life, and if you suddenly find yourself single mid-later in life, then there is only one way forward. There is the devastation of divorce, separation, and grief. All you see is a blank screen - avoid it - you cannot fill it with anything meaningful at this point. When the time is right (please see my support links on this), you need to look forward (never forgetting parts of what went before), but time to move forward.

After divorce and separation, one of the biggest fears is you will fail again. Be positive, be confident, plan your new outlook and learn from your past mistakes.

The notion of failure is baggage and must be left behind. Repack your bag with positive thoughts for your new journey.

Life life to the fullest. Enjoy every day as if it's your last. Forget about the past and think about the present and future.

Remember, life is short. We are experiencing the last few years of the healthy, fun, active and coherent parts of our lives. Don't be too picky and reliant on looks, the shopping list of needs and requirements. Forget about the material things that social media shows us these days.

Engage with someone and consider their personality - like we used to back in the 70s, 80s & 90s before online dating took away the opportunity to enjoy someone's personality and only concentrate on their looks.

We just chatted to people we didn't even consider handsome or think about looks, but they knocked us out with their personality and us them! Stop judging people by their looks and give them a chance, and they will provide us with an opportunity.

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